Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hillary taking Secretary of State – what it would mean for the 2012 election

Hitching herself directly to the Obama Administration almost guarantees she will not run for President in 2012. This could be really good for Palin in 2012. She’ll most likely face an Obama/Clinton ticket in 2012. Palin has already run against Obama, she knows what to expect and will be prepared. Plus, she'll be the breath of fresh air against the extreme left of an Obama/Clinton ticket.

This news was initially surprising to me. I was thinking that Hillary wanted to distance herself from Obama, sharpen her voting record even more as Senator, take a few opportunities to reach across the aisle (attracting moderates), occasionally disagree publicly with Obama and raise more money to run for President again in 2012. I thought she would never want to be "chosen" to do anything.

Being Secretary of State she won’t be involved in domestic issues or representing her constituents in New York. She’ll be firmly with Obama. That’s an extremely risky choice given that Obama has zero foreign policy experience. There would be no way to distance herself from any negative outcomes as SoS. On the other hand, anything good that happens will be attributed to Obama. SoS tenures are typically short and easily terminated. If there's friction between her and Obama she could lose that job quickly.

In my opinion, if she takes the job she'll appear to be even more power-hungry than she already does. It looks like she would settle for any position of power now. I don't think it would be a good political move for her to abandon the people of New York at this point - but that's good news for us.

My prediction is the natural one if this comes to pass – I predict she will abandon her Presidential run and Obama will select her as his running mate in 2012. Look for an Obama/Clinton ticket to face Palin and whomever she chooses in 2012.

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Scott said...

I agree. She has the time to run for president at most until 2020. If she doesn't get on the bandwagon now with the winning team, she may not have another shot. From this vantage-point, she can bide her time, even until either Obama is defeated in 2012 for continuing to be Jimmy Carter, Jr. or until 2016 when perhaps that will be the more opportune time for Palin to run as she'll be more seasoned and known. Of course running with a bit of mystiqe left in your arsenal may help her as well. I believe she'll run with Bobby Jindal and really bring some youth and fresh ideas.
But like I said (if you have read my latest entry) I beleive Hillary has a choice to make, wallow in the Senate or already be in the White House, of sorts, when she makes her last-ditch attempt. Of course, this could all be for not, if there's a tangle with Bill and all his foreign affairs (no pun intended) financial escapades.

By the way, no problem on the 'Shout out.' Welcome aboard fellow sane one.