Monday, March 10, 2014

Palin at CPAC 2014

This is all we need to know about Sarah's values:
"It is because of you... that I have never been more optimistic about the future of our one nation, under God. So stand up and stiffen your spine. You gotta fight for it. The best is yet to come," Palin said. 
Palin: We're not hear to rebrand a party but to rebuild a country. We're in the business of digging ourselves out of debt, restoring competitiveness, educating our children, and liberating our potential. 
And this is all we need to know about her popularity:
A thunderous standing ovation at the conclusion of Palin's speech unlike what was given to any other speaker. 
I am so encouraged by her at CPAC when I was so previously so discouraged. That's the power of Sarah; she energizes people, she doesn't drain them. She gives people motivation, not lectures.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy Birthday, Sarah

Happy 50th Birthday Sarah! You Rock!

All I have left to say is, please run for President. We need you. What's the worst that could happen? You'll lose? Well our country as we knew it is being lost on a daily basis. Who else could we hope for? You're the best and always will be.

Best wishes from me for a great birthday and great year!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Where does Palin stand on the issues?

With flip-flopping Romney, longtime DC-insider Newt, and Santorum's questionable votes/endorsements, conservatives are left wondering where those three stand on some issues and if we can trust them to vote our way if elected President.

As a stark contrast, no one has to ask themselves where Palin stands on the issues. She has been open and up front with all her decisions from day one. Absolutely not a question. It's a shame the establishment GOP couldn't support her.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Now happy Sarah isn't running

I'm finally at peace with Palin not running. And it's not because I like any of the current candidates. I actually dislike all of them. But I can see one of the greater reasons (politically) Palin didn't run, and why it's a good thing. If she ran everyone in the media and blogosphere would be accusing her of dragging down the race, and splintering the Republican vote. There would be other accusations such as her being unelectable, too conservative, too religious, too stupid, not enough experience - that she would have to defend, again - and that's only from our side. Our side would be so blinded with rage and in-fighting that we would never be able to be happy about anything, and not unite. Now that she's not running, guess what - the party is still splintered. Elites are still attacking her for being too whatever, establishment GOPs are pushing Romney on us and ripping Santorum to shreds. Her not running exposes the GOP for us all to see. No normal, everyday conservatives are happy with the candidates and the elites just wish we would all shut up and vote for Romney. No one can blame anything on Palin, yet we still have the same problems.

Palin didn't give up on us. She let the elites and establishment GOPs have what they wanted. And it showed we have much bigger problems than we ever imagined. Meanwhile we need to decide if we're going to continue to wallow in their cesspool or try to figure out how to fix these problems.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rick Santorum sweeps...

and I didn't get 10 comments into some posts on "conservative" blogs before they started screeching "Santorum can't beat Obama. Romney needs to change his strategy in order to appeal to the base." These people are relentless. And they never learn.


Whenever the subject comes up about conservatives feeling apathetic about voting in this election, we're met with a barrage of voices screaming "You better vote or else you're being unpatriotic! If you stay home you're going to let our country burn to the ground! If you don't vote you're disrepecting people who have died to give you the right to vote! If I have to hold my nose and vote for Romney, you have to too! You voted for McCain in '08 so why can't you vote for Romney now?! I don't care who the nominee is I'm voting against Obama!"

I wonder if these people would be so hard-core about voting for the Republican nominee, whoever it is, if the nominee were Palin. Sure, now they're all hell bent on evicting Obama, now that Palin is out. But before she was out, they were hell bent on discouraging her run. THAT was their goal. They kept saying she was unelectable - well if Romney is so electable why are you trying so hard to convince everyone to vote for him? Sure, he's electable if you tell everyone to vote for him and he's the only one standing. When people use their CHOICE to either vote or not vote, or nominate someone they actually agree with, then he's not so electable anymore.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Does the GOP understand the meaning of the two-party system?

I was watching Fox News this morning and someone made a comment about candidates being "too conservative" to win the general election. I have always wondered why the GOP used that line. Despite ALL the evidence, they think the majority of the country leans left. So they want to nominate a RINO in order to "win." Not only that but they'll actively destroy true conservative candidates in order to get their nominee.

Do they not understand the two-party system? The liberals are supposed to nominate their candidate, and the conservatives nominate their candidate. Each of the candidates is an alternative to the other. It doesn't do any good to nominate someone with ideas a little more watered-down than the other. What is the point of voting? This creates voter apathy among the Right and then the liberal candidate wins. Then the GOP uses that win as "proof" that the country leans left. At this point I think the GOP is just furthering the Left's agenda. Our group of potential nominees is so bad, so so so very bad. We desperately need new leadership in the party, or an entirely new party.

The reasons why Palin didn't run

I'm wondering what happened behind the scenes that would cause Palin not to run. To me it was crystal clear that she was running and then poof she suddenly wasn't. She mentioned her family being a reason, and since then has referenced her family's wishes many times. But it seems like they were on board with the idea of her running - at least from the outside. It didn't seem like anyone in her family was upset or worried. I remember when President Bush decided to run for POTUS and his daughters expressed their displeasure publicly. We didn't see any evidence of that from the Palin family.

The other reason might be the establishment GOP. They might have withdrawn support financially or through endorsements. I have pondered this many times. It seems like the GOP really didn't want her to run. I wonder if someone said something to her that would cause her to withdraw. And I honestly believe Rick Perry ran in order to scare her off. He came in and all the "conservative" pundits immediately touted him as the best nominee, having the "conservative" credentials plus the elite background that they love. He received the GOP support very quickly. He's also a man and they wanted a man, not a "crazy woman." I wonder if the establishment GOP realizes they made a huge mistake?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Palin supporters are to blame for this mess?

There seems to be a theme going around that before Palin declared she wasn't running, her supporters "drove away" the good conservative candidates. And if Palin had announced sooner, or if her supporters were more open-minded then we would have much better candidates now. Riiiight. Those people really don't know the first thing about the conservative movement do they? Palin supporters never looked to her as the One. True. Leader. We all, Palin included, want to get the country back on track. We want a conservative who will have the guts to undo Obama's failures, someone who will honor the constitution, reduce debt, increase freedom, shrink the size of government, etc. Palin could do that, so could any number of people. Palin could only be president for four or eight years, and that's only one office. We need a long term solution. It was always about conservatism from the ground up. Sure, our first choice was Palin, but we all have second and third choices, too. We would love a Rubio, or West, or Thompson, or anyone with conservative bonafides. But the pundits won again and only elite establishment candidates are left. It's not our fault. It's THEIR fault.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I love how Ace of Ace of Spades posted about how Sarah Palin is not a lightening rod anymore, and posts about her don't garner as much attention as they used to. Soooo ironic coming from the guy who used to slander mention her name in every other post in order to gain hits for his site. Otherwise known as a flame war between commenters. He would even gleefully join in the comment section to attack Palin supporters. Awww, it's just not as fun anymore is it, Ace? The human punching bag is gone; I wonder why? Could it be because of people like Ace, who turned his readership against her in a malicious way. It was either hate her or GTF off his blog. Remember, Ace is supposed to be conservative. This is the kind of reality Palin was facing: "conservatives" openly and cruelly attacking her on major blogs.

I totally understand that it's his blog; he can say whatever he wants (he mentions that often). But he can't lament the fact that he's losing readers and interest now that Palin is gone. Dude, you wanted her gone more than anyone. When you attack true conservatives within an inch of their lives, don't cry when they go home and you're left with a bunch of losers.