Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I love how Ace of Ace of Spades posted about how Sarah Palin is not a lightening rod anymore, and posts about her don't garner as much attention as they used to. Soooo ironic coming from the guy who used to slander mention her name in every other post in order to gain hits for his site. Otherwise known as a flame war between commenters. He would even gleefully join in the comment section to attack Palin supporters. Awww, it's just not as fun anymore is it, Ace? The human punching bag is gone; I wonder why? Could it be because of people like Ace, who turned his readership against her in a malicious way. It was either hate her or GTF off his blog. Remember, Ace is supposed to be conservative. This is the kind of reality Palin was facing: "conservatives" openly and cruelly attacking her on major blogs.

I totally understand that it's his blog; he can say whatever he wants (he mentions that often). But he can't lament the fact that he's losing readers and interest now that Palin is gone. Dude, you wanted her gone more than anyone. When you attack true conservatives within an inch of their lives, don't cry when they go home and you're left with a bunch of losers.

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