Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"conservative" pundits

Have you noticed that the big time, major, popular, so-called "conservative" outlets have really picked up the Obama-bashing? They spent nearly all of 2010 and 2011 pointedly attacking Sarah Palin, making sure she wouldn't run. Now that she's not, they've decided to get back to the real issue: our country going down the toilet under Obama's leadership. You know why - they want us to be mad and angry so we'll vote for their guy, now that they're guy is guaranteed to win the nomination. Where was all this gnashing of teeth during Obamacare or any one of Obama's job-killing, economy-crushing, freedom-taking policies? To them, the real enemy was a conservative mom from Alaska. SHE had them shaking in their drawers. I'm so fed up with them. And I hope they know that I see right through their bullsh*t.

I hope they're happy. If they had spent that time uniting and trying to find a solution maybe Palin would be the nominee, or someone else who, you know, is a conservative who could get the job done. Since we spent all that time in a circular firing range we're now stuck with a Washington Insider and Romneycare. Good work, guys! You really did your job, there.

These people really showed their true colors. They are nothing but pure elitists, holding all of us true conservatives down. They are not conservatives. At all.

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