Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Palin supporters are to blame for this mess?

There seems to be a theme going around that before Palin declared she wasn't running, her supporters "drove away" the good conservative candidates. And if Palin had announced sooner, or if her supporters were more open-minded then we would have much better candidates now. Riiiight. Those people really don't know the first thing about the conservative movement do they? Palin supporters never looked to her as the One. True. Leader. We all, Palin included, want to get the country back on track. We want a conservative who will have the guts to undo Obama's failures, someone who will honor the constitution, reduce debt, increase freedom, shrink the size of government, etc. Palin could do that, so could any number of people. Palin could only be president for four or eight years, and that's only one office. We need a long term solution. It was always about conservatism from the ground up. Sure, our first choice was Palin, but we all have second and third choices, too. We would love a Rubio, or West, or Thompson, or anyone with conservative bonafides. But the pundits won again and only elite establishment candidates are left. It's not our fault. It's THEIR fault.


Blue Dog said...

By the looks of the dirth of comments, this blog is pretty much dead-in-the-water. FYI - Sarah Palin has exhausted her 15 minutes. She is a political hack who couldn't finish anything. The Tea Baggers got fleeced by this 'lowest-common-denominator' style of political theater. Y'all deserve this lady.

Blue Dog said...

As evidenced by the dirth of comments posted, this blog is 'dead-in-the-water'. Very fitting as Sarah Palin has used up her 15 minutes. The Tea Baggers deserve this lady who is nothing more than a political hack unable to finish anything ... except a book to hawk.

Adrienne said...


Northern Exposer said...

Yet Blue Dog posts twice with the same comment. This blog is about as "dead-in-the-water" as much as the left say Palin's political career is. Yet they, like Blue Dog, continue to troll conservative blogs and trash her like she's an actual threat to them. Interesting. I guess that's why she was the keynote speaker a CPAC; because she used up her 15 minutes.

And FYI: You're damn right we deserve her!