Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Now happy Sarah isn't running

I'm finally at peace with Palin not running. And it's not because I like any of the current candidates. I actually dislike all of them. But I can see one of the greater reasons (politically) Palin didn't run, and why it's a good thing. If she ran everyone in the media and blogosphere would be accusing her of dragging down the race, and splintering the Republican vote. There would be other accusations such as her being unelectable, too conservative, too religious, too stupid, not enough experience - that she would have to defend, again - and that's only from our side. Our side would be so blinded with rage and in-fighting that we would never be able to be happy about anything, and not unite. Now that she's not running, guess what - the party is still splintered. Elites are still attacking her for being too whatever, establishment GOPs are pushing Romney on us and ripping Santorum to shreds. Her not running exposes the GOP for us all to see. No normal, everyday conservatives are happy with the candidates and the elites just wish we would all shut up and vote for Romney. No one can blame anything on Palin, yet we still have the same problems.

Palin didn't give up on us. She let the elites and establishment GOPs have what they wanted. And it showed we have much bigger problems than we ever imagined. Meanwhile we need to decide if we're going to continue to wallow in their cesspool or try to figure out how to fix these problems.