Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Whenever the subject comes up about conservatives feeling apathetic about voting in this election, we're met with a barrage of voices screaming "You better vote or else you're being unpatriotic! If you stay home you're going to let our country burn to the ground! If you don't vote you're disrepecting people who have died to give you the right to vote! If I have to hold my nose and vote for Romney, you have to too! You voted for McCain in '08 so why can't you vote for Romney now?! I don't care who the nominee is I'm voting against Obama!"

I wonder if these people would be so hard-core about voting for the Republican nominee, whoever it is, if the nominee were Palin. Sure, now they're all hell bent on evicting Obama, now that Palin is out. But before she was out, they were hell bent on discouraging her run. THAT was their goal. They kept saying she was unelectable - well if Romney is so electable why are you trying so hard to convince everyone to vote for him? Sure, he's electable if you tell everyone to vote for him and he's the only one standing. When people use their CHOICE to either vote or not vote, or nominate someone they actually agree with, then he's not so electable anymore.


Northern Exposer said...

I see your point about how some on the right are trying to convince the others to "elect the unelectable," but to answer your question, yes I do believe if Sarah was the nominee, they would vote for her. Even the ones that would "hold their nose." If they were true conservatives and really wanted Obama out, then yeah, they would. If they chose to "Obama" their vote by voting present, then they can't be taken serious anyway no matter who their original choice for nominee was.

the Eye said...

So true! I like your blog.

Adrienne said...

Thank you for your comments. Scott, I don't know if I'm as confident as you about people voting for Palin if she were the nominee. I might be a bit too cynical. I'm also poisoned by the liberal media into thinking they wouldn't vote for her. But I would like to think the general public where I do believe a majority do approve of her, would vote for her. Unfortunately, we'll never know. :-(