Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mike Huckabee, please go away now

I was never a fan of Mike Huckabee. I'm less than enthused that he seems wildly popular among Republicans. He always seemed like a stereotypical politician to me, never directly answering anything, not really expressing his beliefs fully and used car salesman-like. But I tried to like him throughout his run and embrace him the way others have - until today.

Now I can totally own my dislike of him without guilt. Here are some of his comments about Palin during a press breakfast he held to promote his book:

Huckabee had some interesting observations about Sarah Palin, a potential 2012 opponent, suggesting that she didn't earn her spurs and was more appealing to the base of the party because she hadn't been scrutinized in the primary.

"What John McCain did for her was to give her the capacity to sort of leapfrog over the process and get right to the center stage," he said of the GOP's vice presidential nominee.

Unlike those, he added, who had competed in the Republican primary.

"She didn't have to get bloodied like us. Few people on that stage didn't get bloodied."He did allow, though, that she did get bloodied -- "but not by the people Republicans care about, you guys."

And from WSJ:

Huckabee’s comments on Palin, a possible rival for the 2012 Republican nomination, suggest some jealously. “She didn’t have to go through any the debates, she didn’t have to go through the primaries, she didn’t have to have people pick her or pick someone else against her. State parties did not have to divide from one to 12 ways over her. So it was a remarkable ability for her to come in at a level that is an extraordinary benefit to her.”

Riiiiiiight (best Dr. Evil impression). Palin didn't earn her right to be there because she didn't compete in the primaries - okay. Well, maybe she was busy running her state as Governor. And I assume Huckabee didn't notice how she very much got bloodied by everyone (including her party) as soon as she was announced as running mate - right down to people scrutinizing how she gave birth. In fact, she's still not done getting bloodied by her own party.

Mike Huckabee is still bitter he didn't win the nomination and this statement reeks of sour grapes. His battle in the primaries was nothing compared to what Palin went through. He's bitter he doesn't have the staying power and popularity she does and is apparently now willing to split the party over it. He also apparently didn't notice how well she performed during the Vice Presidential debate.

What an indicator that he's completely self-absorbed and consumed with his own career - and not putting the best interests of Party first. He of all people should know the Republican Party is in danger right now and we need someone strong like Palin to compete in 2012. He should be cheering her success instead of denying it. Who does he think we should follow? Him? He wasn't strong enough to beat John McCain in the primaries in 2008; I don't think he'll be strong enough to lead the way in 2012. And wow, how could he deny her fabulous performance during her time as VP candidate? How could he deny how she was knocked down only to get back up stronger again and again? He marginalized her by saying she didn't compete in the primaries, which is a straw man argument that undermines how exceedingly well she did as VP candidate.

So please, Mike Huckabee, go away now. You're bad for the Party.

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Northern Exposer said...

Again, right on the money.

She most certainly got shellacked by the MSM and the RINOs she was surrounded with.
I don't dislike the Huckster, I actually find him quite witty, but he clearly jumped the shark on this one.