Monday, November 17, 2008

MSNBC: Palin could rake in $7 million from book deal

MSNBC is reporting that Palin might be in negotiations for a book deal.

By Courtney Hazlett
updated 7:29 p.m. CT, Sun., Nov. 16, 2008

After she spent the last few weeks talking to just about any camera put in front of her, it should come as no surprise that former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is moving closer to inking a book deal.

Just how much could the Alaska governor make from putting pen to paper? About $7 million, according to some estimates.

Sound like a lot? Not necessarily, says one literary

"Bill Clinton made more than $10 million when he signed his deal in 2001 and that was the most for a former president," says the source. "Sarah brings something different to the table -- there is so much curiosity surrounding her and her life. If they move fast and get this thing on shelves, then a $7 million advance could be worth it."

I've been hoping she would do this. Its benefits are twofold: it would answer a lot of questions the general public has about her, and it also would be ripped to shreds before the 2012 campaign. Any perceived damaging statements in the book would be over and done with before campaigning even starts. I believe it's absolutely crucial for her to publish a book in the next few years so I'm really happy about this report.

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