Sunday, December 7, 2008

Palin snubbed Oprah after election

After being snubbed by Oprah before the election, Palin snubs O after it. You go girl!

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Northern Exposer said...

Hey Adrienne.
This was left as a comment on News Busters. It pretty much sums up how I feel about Palin and why I think she has "it." Not now, maybe not even in four or eight years, but in the future she'll parlay that into the Presidency.

I hope you found it as cool and "prophetic" as I did.

Cute! Who are we to ask
December 7, 2008 - 00:32 ET by Gary P Jackson


Who are we to ask God why?

Maybe it simply wasn't her time, ever thought about that?

Let me help ya!

If she and McCain took office, I'm not sure McCain would have done better than BoBo will, and he is gonna be a disaster of biblical porportions!

Sarah, would have been busting her butt, but Mr Reach Across The Isle would have done more harnm to her, than good.

Remember, Ronald Reagan lost in 1976 to BoBo's role model, Jimmy Carter. It took America going stupidly for Carter to give us our greatest President, Ronald Reagan.

Again, BoBo is gonna be a disaster of the highest order.

I'm not saying Sarah Palin is Ronald Reagan, yet. But she sure has a lot of him in here. Reagan is the one President she admires, and has studied.

And for those that don't quite get it, this is why Palin fans go nuts for her. We all see it, and hear it. No one, not even That One, can fire a crowd up like Sarah Palin. You can't teach what she has. You either got it, or you don't.

With 4 more years under her belt, and a little polishing the rough edges, she will be the next President, hands down.

In the pole here, and every honest poll, if there is such a thing, she has the same kind of lead as she does here. And you guys are smarter than most.