Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Physical violence toward Republicans is perfectly fine, according to MSM

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at President Bush’s head during a press conference in Baghdad last Saturday.


And last week, Sarah Palin’s hometown church in Wasilla was damaged by a “suspicious” fire.

The two events in and of themselves don’t bother me as much. They were both done by single individuals who have a few screws loose. What really worries me, actually terrifies me, is the general public and MSM’s reaction to the incidents.

Regarding the arson, many commenters said that Palin was playing the victim when she said she hoped the damage wasn’t due to “undeserved negative attention.” Many said it was not undeserved negative attention because they believe her church is only comprised of “crazy right wing nut jobs.” Many joked about the church’s appearance. And still others just shook their heads and laughed it off like it was not a big deal.

I wonder – where is the outrage that a person can’t run for office anymore without the fear that their livelihood is going to be destroyed? Why isn’t anyone saying anything about that? It doesn’t matter if she’s a Republican or Democrat, she doesn’t deserve to have her church destroyed because she dared to run for office.

Of course, the shoe-throwing incident received way more attention. There were countless stories in MSM about how this one man was a reflection of Iraq as a whole, and how they’re fed up with Bush and the American “invasion.” Many, many, late night talk show jokes were made of it. I haven’t watched any cable news stories on this yet so they may have had a different reaction, but I’ve yet to see anyone outraged. No one expressed any anger that our President was attacked. Yes, he was physically attacked.

I am outraged. Saddam Hussein was famous for torturing and murdering his enemies. If this Iraqi journalist had done this during Hussein’s time, he and his family would have been murdered – period. This man is damn lucky President Bush liberated Iraq from Hussein and he has the freedom to throw shoes without torture and death as a consequence.

Not only that, but you just don’t do that. I don’t care if you don’t like his policies, you can’t resort to physical violence. That is completely wrong. What if someone threw shoes at Obama? Would people be laughing? I don’t like Obama’s ideas but I would never, ever, throw something at him or try to hurt him. The fact that MSM is saying Bush deserved it, and making jokes about it, says a lot about their integrity, and lack of pride for their job. They can make the blanket statement that he represents Iraq, so can I make the blanket statement that he represents all journalists? Are they all as careless about their freedom as he is? Do they all have the same disregard for the people who died to give them freedom as he does?

What I also see is this trend, or culture, in America that if someone attacks us we deserve it. To use these two events as an example, it is not okay to say that they were done by two psychos with no logical motive or sense of right and wrong. They say Palin and Bush deserved it because of their actions. After September 11 and to this day many Americans believe we deserved to be attacked because of our “policies.” They legitimize the attack itself by saying the victim deserved it. Maddening.


Northern Exposer said...

You're best post yet. Very enlightening (for those that aren't cheering it) I totally agree.
Complete, hypocrisy and madness.
What happens when Obama is attacked-by whatever means? And it WILL happen. As we both know, there are a lot of crazies out there, on both sides of the isle.
Of course church arsonists, atheists and lefties never have to say they're sorry in this age of liberalism and MSM protectionism.

Northern Exposer said...

By the way, have you seen this?

Is he flipping or is he just jealous of her attention? I know we had to defend him (and it wasn't that hard, really) because he was our only guy on the ballot, but he really is a RINO.

Northern Exposer said...

Well since this is your last post, I have to comment on the Blago thing here, I guess.

To the point, yes, Blago will flip (AS I've said) and will definately take people down with him. Obama perhaps, for throwing another one under the bus?