Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bobby Jindal's response

I've been thinking about Bobby Jindal's response to Obama ever since I saw it. I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I liked the message and most of the content. On the other, I hated the delivery. I've heard Jinal numerous times on TV and the radio and he doesn't sound like he did the other night. He was over-produced, over-coached and it was an epic fail in my opinion. MSM is going to have a field day with him - SNL skits, rampant undeserved ridicule, etc. Already, Chris Matthews has attacked him twice. Once, when he said "oh god" as Jindal was about to speak. And the second, when he accused Republicans of "outsourcing" the response to Jindal, who is Indian. What Matthews said had racial/racist undertones.

I was disappointed that he didn't come out strong with an enthusiastic, pro-conservative, anti-stimulus/bailout/big government speech. I wanted him to just light the Republican conservative fire. You know, like Palin did. Palin is someone who continues to steal Obama's thunder with whatever she does and says. How many people can do that? Obama is a hard act to follow and we need someone who can stand up to him and hold the public's attention and get them enthusiastic - Jindal doesn't look like he can do that.

The other thing I have mixed feelings on is I was listening to Mark Davis or Hannity (I can't remember which it was) on the radio the following day, and Jindal was a guest. He sounded awesome, not like a cartoon character during his speech. He's extremely smart and has great conservative beliefs. However, when asked about the stimulus he repeated a catch-phrase that got worn out really fast - "The President and I are just going to have to agree to disagree." He said it about eight times in the five-minute segment.

Don't think for a second Jindal isn't going to run for POTUS in 2012. He's been coached and has cutesy catch phrases. He immediately went on morning talk shows and afternoon radio shows the day after his response speech. He's grooming himself to run, mark my words.

Previously I was thinking if Palin ran in 2012, Jindal would have been/be a great pick for VP, one of many strong possibilities. Now it looks like the only way he could do it would be if he lost in the primaries to her.


Cany said...

Honestly, with the polling numbers on Obama recently, how in the world can you suggest she is somehow stealing his thunder?

It is an assessment without fact behind it.

Adrienne said...

Cany, it's just my opinion. I have no facts. She's continually in the news. Every single word and action she does to this day is reported. She's a hot topic, more of a hot topic than Jindal (right now). That's all I meant. I just meant that we need someone who can stay hot and relevant to run against Obama in 2012. If we have someone cold and uninteresting we don't have a chance. My opinion.

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