Monday, February 23, 2009

My email exchange with Jerry Taylor

As I posted last week, I emailed Jerry Taylor regarding his Palin smear post on the Corner. He actually responded very quickly, and from there we had a nice little email exchange. I won't post his emails but I'll summarize them.

He actually had real, valid reasons why he doesn't like Palin, and listed them at length for me - which I found refreshing. I found it refreshing because his post on the Corner was like a drive-by hit piece with no purpose except to tarnish Palin's image. In a way, I was glad that he had some reasoning behind his hit.

I told him that I wished he would have put those reasons in his post; it would have made his post credible and opened the floor to a civilized discussion or debate on Palin's validity as the Republican 2012 nominee. Instead, he decided to tear her down with no apparent reason and readers got enraged. I also said that posting a very anti-Republican piece on a Republican news blog was harmful to readers and would cause many to stop reading NRO.

He seems consumed with dislike for Palin so much that he still doesn't see anything wrong with the fundamental aspect of posting an un-researched hit piece about her on the Corner. He can't see past his dislike to actually think about the harm it could do to the Party, and the inherent hypocrisy in criticizing MSM for being un-researched and biased one day, and to do the same thing yourself the next day on your own news site.

I appreciated his responses and he seems like a nice person. But Jerry Taylor is no fan of Palin and if he's still writing for NR in the coming years, we'll have to watch him and take his posts with a grain of salt. We also need to keep an eye on NRO if they still keep guys like him and other RINOs on staff.

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