Thursday, February 19, 2009

National Review - No Support for Palin

Palin bashing, with a dose of elitism thrown in, too. Sounds like a CNN or MSNBC feature on Palin. But wait, this is NRO. Yesterday's late afternoon post by Jerry Taylor at The Corner is classic liberal bashing of Palin. It really sickens me that on NRO, where they're supposed to be supporting conservative Republican politicians, and furthering the Republican agenda, they are attempting to divide Republicans against each other over Palin. They fell for MSM's tactic perfectly. It was always MSM's goal to portray Palin as polarizing and divisive, even though she received mass support from true Republicans and conservatives.

I'm not familiar with Jerry Taylor, but I would like to question his intelligence with this post. He asks what she's done to deserve praise from the Right. Has he been asleep for the past six months? He even quotes an NY Times article. As an aside, why does he say Merle Haggard isn't "cultural?" Doesn't Merle Haggard embody his own type of culture?

I'm going to respond to his question "what has she accomplished?" later.

To their credit, no one at NRO responded to his post - although the day's not yet over. It's not like NRO to openly ridicule Republicans like this (they've done it subtly). I can't remember seeing them do that to anyone, so this surprising to me. I hope this doesn't become part of their standard procedure when it comes to Palin.

Are we ready to divide ourselves again with hard line Republican vs. RINO? I thought we were done with that.

Sarah Palin — The Great Conservative Hope? [Jerry Taylor]

Ramesh, I'm sure you've shown your cards somewhere on this matter, so at the risk of asking an ignorant question, do you think our lady up north is worth conservative embrace? Your post hints that you might. If so, what exactly has she done as governor to warrant this affection? As far as I know, her main accomplishments up there are two-fold. First, she taxed and regulated the oil companies out of virtually all remaining marginal plays in Alaska and then crowed endlessly on the campaign trail about how she faced-down the "special interests." Then, she signed into law a stunning array of renewable energy subsidies that would be the envy of any blue-stater.

Sure, she delivers a great speech (not sure if she can write one though). But has she done anything to warrant this love she gets from some quarters on the Right besides her demonstrable ability to play the Merle Haggard card against the cultural Left?

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Northern Exposer said...

I can't believe the NRO would even publish this, especially that there really is a media war on between the right and the left. Part of what Bill O'Reilly coined as the 'War on Culture.' Not withstanding the points you made about their "mandate."

Taylor: "Not sure if she can write one though." There it is. When in doubt, play the "Republicans are stupid" card. Man, this guy is on the other side of intelligent.

But, now some worse news. I'm sure you must have seen this:

What do you think? Bummer, huh? I mean, how are the loons going to use this? And for how long? Oh, God, for how long?