Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kim Elton had more per diem charges than Palin

Remember how Kim Elton made it his personal mission to destroy Palin's career - completely abandoning his duty to his constituency? Well, it came back to bite him in the rear. One - one - of his charges against Palin was the ridiculous "per diem" charges to the state of Alaska. He claimed they were excessive and inappropriate. Well it turns out he, as an Alaska state Senator last year, charged more than Palin did in per diem - and she was the Governor.

I guess one of the benefits of him being appointed to the Obama administration is that he'll be costing the state of Alaska a lot less money.
Northern Exposure
Posted by: Matt Lewis at 10:40 AM

Remember the Palin per diem story from last year? Well, Adam Brickley is reporting that the State Senator who pushed that story actually charged Alaska even more per diem than Palin last year. It looks like Kim Elton, who has since been appointed to the Obama Administration, charged the state of Alaska more than $20,000 in food and lodging expenses last year. The best part is that he was the State Senator representing the capital city of Juneau, so he didn't have any of the travel or hotel expenses that the other Senators did.

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