Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New MSM meme: Palin doesn't know how to run PAC

I've seen an influx of MSM stories about Palin and the premise of all of them recently has been that Palin and her PAC are not communicating and creating "embarrassing gaffes." The fact that this meme has been pushed by several sources looks to me as if it's another planned attack. MSM is watching every single move she makes and everything she does gets reported on. Any tiny mistake is blown up to be a huge "gaffe." They're trying to push the idea that she's just an idiot mom who doesn't know how to be a politician.

Take this article from Politico that was picked up by CBS news:

Allies Rip Palin Inner Circle
Politico: Sarah Palin Loyalists Say Her Circle Is Composed Of Not-Ready-For-Primetime Players
(The Politico) This story was written by Andy Barr And Jonathan Martin.

A seemingly unending series of public relations gaffes has Sarah Palin loyalists frustrated and worried she is diminishing her stature. And they blame an inner circle they say is composed of not-ready-for-primetime players.

Interviews with Alaska and Washington-based GOP political professionals who are familiar with the Palin operation describe the governor’s team as a gang that couldn’t shoot straight, a staff whose failure to execute basic blocking-and-tackling maneuvers too often entangles the governor in awkward and embarrassing situations that could have easily been avoided. The state of confusion is compounded by two separate Palin spheres that don’t communicate with each other, one based in the governor’s office and another based in the D.C.-area, where Palin’s political action committee is located-and the incongruous presence of a high-profile Democratic trial lawyer among her political advisers.

They will push this, and push it, and shove it down people's throats until they're satisfied that the general public thinks Palin is an idiot. But the more they do it, the more people will realize it's just another attack and will do their own research on Palin.

Two things I take from these types of stories:

(1) We need to push the good things Palin is doing as much as we can to counter-act these attacks. MSM just showed their hand as to their plan of attack. Now we can make ours.

(2) Palin still cannot trust her inner circle. It seems like everyone from McCain's camp to her own Governor aides and peripheral people involved in the PAC are leaking info as anonymous sources. This tells me that MSM, Democrats and some Republicans are contacting these people asking for info specifically to hurt Palin. They're not just coming out of the woodwork, they're being drawn out.

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