Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Obama is afraid of Palin, still campaigning

There are strong clues and hints that Obama is going to try and take credit for Palin's pipeline. Alaska lawmakers returned from a trip to DC this week worried about "federal oversight" of the project.

From a story yesterday:

They also say there's a disturbing trend coming down the pipeline: more federal oversight of energy projects, even talk of turning the pipeline into a federal public works project, which Republicans feel might mire the project in bureaucracy.

"I'm nervous about that," Coghill said. "Nobody said that out loud."

Said Rep Lindsey Holmes, D-Anchorage: "One of the interesting things is I was told by people within the administration that the Alaska gas pipeline project is one of Obama's seven top energy priorities for the country. That's a big deal."

This pipeline has been Palin's baby since day 1. She was the only one who got the project moving after having been caught in bureaucratic red tape for nearly 30 years. She's done unimaginable amounts of work, research, legislation, negotiating and string-pulling to get this done. She is truly the driving force behind it. All credit should go to her. That "federal oversight" is going to be part of it scares me, and hints to me that Obama has plans to twist this story for his 2012 campaign.

Why am I scared? Obama was the one who orchestrated Troopergate, in order to defame Palin because he knew how much the American public loved her. Obama has a history of defaming and going to great lengths to disqualify his opponents in order to win elections. See dirty Chicago politics here and here. Obama orchestrated the attack on Rush Limbaugh while already in the White House as President. Is he in constant campaign mode or what?

Since everyone knows Palin's first priority is this pipeline he won't be able to simply say "I did it." It won't be that transparent. He's going to say that Palin tried to do it and failed, and the only way it got done was when he stepped in and took it over. Obama has been against the pipeline and using Alaska's oil from the beginning, but he's also a politician and will flip-flop accordingly when he finds out the project is good. He could very well endorse it in 2012.

I know Sarah is strong and can fight against dirty politics like this. But Obama has a history of doing this to his opponents and winning. He'll do it to anyone who runs against him - even in his own party! We need to make sure the word gets out that Palin is the one doing everything right with this pipeline project. Palin's doing all the work; it was her brainchild, she deserves the credit.

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Northern Exposer said...

You've read David Freddoso's "The Case Against Barack Obama," haven't you? Good girl.