Monday, April 20, 2009

AK Legislature needs a nap

My favorite photo of the AK Legislators:
The Anchorage Daily News and "Republican" Rep. Mike Hawker got together over the weekend to push their "Palin is never home" message again. ADN journalist Sean Cockerham calls Palin's relationship between herself and the legislature "antagonistic."

Mike Hawker spewed his trademark sentence, which is that Palin is concerned about her national ambitions more than Alaska.
“I’ve had a lot of friction with the governor this year on her lack of connection, frankly the appearance that she’s more concerned about her national ambitions than what’s going on in the state.”
He really does need to trademark that sentence; he's used it about 40 times recently when talking to journalists.

Meanwhile, another "Republican" complains that Governor Palin has never been to his office. Cue the violins.
“Nobody from the (Palin) administration has been to my office at all…I see a number of different legislators all shaking their heads, same thing, nobody’s been in their office,” said Kodiak Republican Rep. Alan Austerman.
This is the biggest bunch of do-nothings and whiners I've ever seen. They can't do anything unless Palin is holding their hand. What a bunch of crybabies and attention freaks.

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