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Why They Hate Sarah Palin So Much

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Why They Hate Sarah Palin So Much

Ace of Spades

I think this is overdetermined, personally. A smart friend of mine -- a Democrat who supports Palin -- boils it down to "Professional women hate her because, as a group, they hate themselves and hate their lives and hate their husbands, and resent this working-class upstart for having the life (and husband) they wish they did." Clarification: He was speaking of liberal-ish, feminist ball-buster type women, of course. Not all professional women. I really should have made that clear, but I didn't, so now professional women are defending themselves in the comments. I apologize -- I screwed up. I knew what I meant in my own mind but didn't write it properly. Obviously, professional women who like Palin are not so gripped with envy.

A bit reductivist, but I think that does play into it too.


Palin's beauty comes with other baggage, too: Because she's such an attractive figure, she's a natural target for tabloid coverage, which is only exacerbated by the fact that the media is determined to tabloidize her in order to make her unacceptable as a leader. That link notes that Levi Johnson, who turns out to be exactly the sort of trailer trash the left claimed he was, is going on Tyra Banks to dish on Palin and to talk about what he and Bristol knew about birth control.

Is that fair? Well, I can't help but think that Levi Johnson has been courted particularly ferociously not just because Palin is an interesting, ratings-generating figure, but because the media wants to make her into a Jerry Springer buffoon.

Where is their interest in, say, allegations that Joe Biden's daughter was a cokehead? Surely we can learn all sorts of cautionary tales about drug use from that story, just the same as we can learn about birth control and youthful sex from Levi Johnson.

But the media doesn't pursue it. Partly because Joe Biden is a goofy old bastard, and his daughter, most likey, is no head-turner (I confess I don't know; I'm going by the averages), but largely because the media wishes to protect Joe Biden (and therefore Obama) from any hint of scandal or "messy family lives" (as Sarah Palin's just-less-than-picture-perfect family life was often referred to).

They don't want to tabloidize him, and so they are not knocking on doors and burning up the phone lines to get Joe Biden's daughter's boyfriends on TV.

The media has their narrative. Sarah Palin, low-class frost-neck chillbilly, and Joe Biden, serious, accomplished man deserving of respect and privacy. The fact that Slow Joe claims a lower-class upbringing himself, and has been caught lying multiple times about his woeful academic record, doesn't change that.

He's a Democrat, and therefore deserving of praise. Palin's a Republican and deserving of nothing but contempt and hatred.

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