Thursday, May 21, 2009

MSM hypocrisy

I saw this little gem in the Kansas City Star letters to the editor:

"Sarah Palin is writing her memoirs, which one online dictionary defines as an autobiographical account of one’s personal life and experiences. Since there has been no reference to this being Volume 1 of Ms. Palin’s memoirs or the opening book of a trilogy, one can only hope that this means she will soon be retiring from public life."
Hypocrisy and stupidity abound. I wonder if this person is aware that Obama has already written two, count 'em. TWO! memoirs. There's controversy over whether or not he actually wrote them, but he certainly claimed to. Then there's the fact that Obama signed on with a publisher for a Presidential memoir, prior to even being sworn into office! He wrote his previous memoirs before he even held public office, and while he was there a very short time, as well. Palin is the first female and youngest Governor of Alaska. I think she has more than enough source material for a political memoir.

Secondly, memoirs are practically de rigueur for politicians these days. Everyone writes one. Hillary wrote hers years ago for probably the same reason Palin is doing hers now, to get her opinions and ideas out there in her own words before running for President, and to quash any possible backlash before the campaign.

Most of the public comments in that piece are anti-Palin, but this one really cracked me up:

These needless attacks on Palin is why no one buys this newspaper anymore. Try printing the news instead of your personal agenda.
Pure gold right there.

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