Friday, May 22, 2009

Palin cuts state budget

Palin cut about $28 million of the federal stimulus money yesterday, stating that the strings attached would force too much federal government dependence and continued oversight. The legislature is screaming about it, including our favorite "Republican" Rep. Mike Hawker:

"If anything, it probably gives her a chance to save some face with her national constituency," Hawker said. "And that's probably good for her. Maybe not good for the state, but it certainly aids her."
I don't know what planet Mike Hawker is on, but someone needs to tell him that Republicans generally are for less government intrusion and lower taxes. For Hawker, this was just another opportunity to trot out his tired line that Palin is only focused on her national image. Let's try to walk through his logic - Obama won the presidential election running on a platform of more government spending and more taxation, among other things. The MSM has supported his ultra-left view. Palin has a history of being fiscally conservative. So it seems to me that if Palin wanted to "aid" her public image, then she would shed some of her fiscally conservative views and shift more center-right. But she's not. She still making the same types of decisions she did before the election - so how exactly is she "saving face with her national constituency?" Based on her (long) record, it is not out of character at all for her to decline federal money.

I wonder if Hawker ever thinks of the voters who elected a fiscally conservative Governor. I wonder if he wonders how they would feel if their Governor accepted ALL the money despite all the warnings and proven burden it would take on the citizens. I bet not at all. For some reason he takes every opportunity to trash Palin. I really don't understand his angst.

Palin signs budget, cuts $28M in federal stimulus
by Rhonda McBride
Thursday, May 21, 2009

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Gov. Sarah Palin made big cuts to the state budget Thursday, including more than $28 million in federal stimulus money.

The money would have been used for projects to help the state become more energy efficient.

Many lawmakers, city governments and other groups were hoping the governor would have a change of heart on the energy stimulus money, which could have been used for alternative energy projects such as weatherization and other energy saving upgrades like LED lights.

But the governor has long said that the funding would force other changes on Alaska that could have some unintended consequences.

"I will not request federal stimulus funds that subject Alaskans to more federal control and ever increasing federal mandates," Palin said at a March 19 press conference in Juneau.

Palin has said all along that she would oppose stimulus funds that take away local control.

Her administration believes the energy stimulus money would do that because it would require the adoption of a statewide energy code.

"The governor believes these decisions are on developing local energy codes are best left to local governments," said Karen Rehfeld, the governor's budget director, at a press conference Thursday.


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