Wednesday, June 10, 2009

David Letterman is a bitter, angry, misogynistic, unfunny piece of trash

On his show Monday night Letterman made his top ten list about Sarah Palin and her trip to New York. He called her slutty, a hooker, drug addict, among other things - but the absolute worst was when he made a "joke" about Willow being "knocked up" by Alex Rodriguez. I can barely contain my seething white-hot rage. That was completely WRONG, sexist, perverted, cruel and ruthless attack on a child of a political figure - a 14-year-old girl!! In his mind it's okay to say those things about Palin and her family because he disagrees with her politically and she's a conservative. It's also perfectly okay to call a 45-year-old mother of 5 a slut. What a SICK man.

The other reason he did this was to give her a little taste of what's to come if and when she runs for POTUS. He's basically saying "I will attack your children if you run, and you can't do anything about it."

Palin was a guest on the brand new John Ziegler radio show yesterday and he asked her about Letterman's show.

“What a commentary there,” Palin said of the comment during an interview on conservative host John Ziegler’s Los Angeles-based radio show. “That’s pretty pathetic, good ole David Letterman.”

“It’s very sad to not recognize what this trip was all about,” Palin said, pointing to the autism event she participated in during a stop in Westchester, New York.
Ziegler asked her a question she was never before asked and that was "is it all worth it?" She said that she spoke with someone from the AP recently who seemed to relish in the fact that so many negative things were said about her and the AP reporter asked Sarah if she was having a rough week, and Palin responded that she had a great week because she got to speak to her son and her son is okay. Talk about some perspective! She also said this:

There are some rough days, but it's worth it. I don't want anybody who has a message of this love for America, this desire to help our country, to ever be told and to believe that they need to sit down and shut up. I cannot sit down and shut up. I'm speaking for the state of Alaska, for energy independence, for national security, for a stronger economy, for a better America. I will continue to do that and just keep taking shots, and yes I know what I'm in for. But we will continue to fight because we've got our young men and women fighting for us and our freedom to do such every single day in Iraq and at home.
I never watched Letterman anyway but now I never will. Let's boycott his show. He always seemed extremely bitter that Leno got the Tonight Show over him. His recent comments on Conan O'Brien being the new host revealed to me that he's never gotten over it. Just an angry bitter man, pathetic indeed.

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Northern Exposer said...

You go, girl!
That was awesome. I found Letterman funny in the eighties, but he's a shadow of himself (or was he always this way?)

His first show after 9/11 was, I thoughtat the time, a credit to him. But, really, after his roe with O'Reilly, I really kmew then how ignorant and slave to the liberal masses he really is.

I think Mr. Palin should take a trip to New York and knock his Chickletts out personally.