Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Vanity Fair piece and surrounding controversy shows Palin needs to find her own staff

I am completely shocked at the lengths people will go to tear each other down. Vanity Fair is running a hit piece on Palin, which is not anything new or unexpected. But I'm shocked at how the piece is reverberating throughout MSM, Beltway insiders, conservative bloggers and right-leaning media groups.

The Vanity Fair story says that McCain advisors, or someone within the McCain campaign might be alleging that Palin had postpartum depression during the campaign last year.

I don't think there were any doctors on the campaign who could have diagnosed her but if there were, I don't think any doctor would have leaked that information. So it had to be a campaign employee - and who of them would be fit to make such a diagnosis?? None of them. And it's atrocious that a magazine that allegedly supports women would try to tear down a female VP candidate by saying she had postpartum - I would think a pro-woman magazine would want to shoot down those stereotypes not engage in them. But hey, according to Vanity Fair now, if you had a baby recently, you're not fit for public office!

All of that ridiculousness aside, the story brings to light again that McCain has/had campaign advisors who are leaking information and attacking Palin anonymously.

Politico ran an article "Palin story sparks GOP family feud," that explained how the McCain campaign group and others inside the Beltway have been fighting over these leaks for months. All these "elite" Republican RINOs are losing their heads over Palin and are fighting in the sandbox.

This just proves that Palin can't trust anyone inside Washington. She can't hire the campaign managers that candidates traditionally use. She's a whole new animal. She needs to get her OWN people to run her campaign.

Some have accused her of not being organized enough to run a campaign. Well, she's not your typical candidate. She can't trust these people who are going tear her down from the inside. That's why it appears that she's still trying to gain her footing. She needs to find the right people who have the experience to run a campaign but also she can trust.

As for all this in-fighting in the GOP, all fingers can point to McCain. He's done so much damage to this party. His campaign people have brought Washington to a whole new low, attacking our own former VP candidate anonymously while McCain just turns a blind eye. Reading the Politico article, you can see how many careers McCain has influenced and we would just be a whole lot better off without RINOs like them.

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