Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The age of political "bloodsport" needs to end

I’ve been thinking a lot about the excuses the moonbats use to justify their disgraceful behavior toward Sarah Palin. They say that she put herself in the public eye so she deserves to be attacked in the most disgusting ways. They say that she put her kids on the stage at the RNC, so her kids deserve whatever gets thrown at them. They say that since she allows her kids to attend some of the events she does, and also physically carries her baby, then they all deserve condemnation equally. They say that since Bristol is now 18, she’s an adult and is fair game for any public scrutiny of her personal choices. Some of them even feel that attacking her children is a form of punishment for her “putting them on display.”

There’s a difference between job/performance criticism and vicious personal attacks and smears. The Left and the media have attacked her in the absolute worst, most disgusting, vile, rage-induced ways. It’s reminiscent of the way George W. Bush was attacked throughout his presidency (and even afterward). Just because someone is elected doesn’t mean they’re fair game to be slandered and attacked. Just because someone is elected doesn’t mean their children can be assaulted. There’s a trend of the Left and the media to treat any politician they disagree with as utter garbage. It’s almost like it’s become their goal to run them out office. It’s disrespectful and they have zero respect for the democratic process.

We have a democratic process to impeach or oust corrupt politicians. We have ethics violation processes. And the U.S. is not a monarchy – when people are elected to any seat it’s not forever, they must run for re-election at the end of their term. No one is King; no one has to be dethroned in order for the people’s voice to be heard. In essence, the moonbats have no grasp of our democratic process. They don’t want to speak with their vote; they can’t stand it if the majority doesn’t vote for who they want. They decide to use their own means necessary to oust the elected officials they don’t like.

A politician is not a celebrity and they shouldn’t be treated as such. They may naturally rise to the level of celebrity in popularity, but the quality of their work is not based upon how popular they are. Governors, senators, presidents, city councilmen, etc. are all part of our democracy. Someone has to fill these jobs in order for our democracy to work. Likewise, the people who fill those positions are fairly elected by a majority. And while we should always protect our election/voting process to ensure its fairness, we should not attack the people who fill these positions in the way Palin and her children have been attacked. There’s a huge difference between someone who goes on a reality show and someone who was elected to fill a position in government. The government positions are jobs, just like you and I have. The fact that they must be elected and be in the public eye to do their job doesn’t mean they’re celebrities who open themselves up to criticism of their family, children and personal lives.

And think of it this way: they were elected to serve the people, and in turn they get treated like crap. Why kind of normal person with a servant’s heart would want to stay in that job? How much crap are they supposed to take before they have to leave? If the everyday citizen like you and me were harassed at our jobs like that how would that make us feel? There has to be a point where they throw their hands in the air and say “if you treat me like garbage I’m going to leave,” and that’s exactly what the moonbats want them to do. They just keep pushing and pushing until the politician they don’t like is forced to quit.

Not only do they harass and malign elected officials personally, but they also try to brainwash the public into believing the lies they spew. I think one of Alinsky’s rules is to repeat a negative so much that it’s perceived as the norm, no matter how baseless and stupid it is. The “I can see Russia from my house” is a prime example of that. This is just wrong and cruel. And all of this affects how the politician does their job. So the moonbats are hurting everyone in the constituency by the attacks, because the politician can’t do their job effectively.

People elected to hold a public office should be given the dignity and respect that our democracy deserves. A lot of people have died for our democracy and the people who participate in it shouldn’t be abused like this. There’s no separation between the government and its citizens because we are a democracy that’s ruled by the people for the people. We need to criticize their policy and job performance, not attack their family and try to force them to quit.

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