Saturday, July 11, 2009

Governor Palin getting more work done

Last week Palin signed legislation that protects Alaskans' 2nd Amendment Rights, as well as made some significant Board appointments.

She signed House Bill 201 and resolutions HJR 17, SJR 10, HJR 27 and SJR 3, that all have to do with gun ownership.

“The right to own guns and use them responsibly is something I and many other Alaskans cherish,” Governor Palin said. “We have to be vigilant to protect the rights of individual Alaskans to own and use guns. I appreciate the work of our legislature in standing up for the Constitution.”
Governor Palin also: announced appointments to the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute Board of Directors, the Alaska State Council on the Arts, the Alaska Workers’ Compensation Board, and the State Board of Registration for Architects, Engineers and Land Surveyors.

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