Monday, July 27, 2009

I love this comment

I was visiting Hot Air and reading one of the Palin threads. This comment by "WordsMatter" regarding Palin's farewell speech was right on:

"Gov. Palin: More guts in one speech than Obama has displayed in his lifetime."


Northern Exposer said...

That was pretty good. And accurate. And she didn't need a telepromtor, either!!

Greg said...

0bama's team focus groups everything they want him to say. If you notice, 0bama displays an alarming unfamiliarity with everything he says. If his teleprompter goes out, he comes to a complete stop, and waits for it to be corrected. This tells me that he doesn't even bother to familiarize himself with his speech before hand, and that he doesn't even know enough about what he is talking about to wing it if the teleprompter fails. On the other hand, Palin rarely uses a teleprompter, and makes only occasional glances at her notes. Everything she says originates from the heart.