Monday, July 6, 2009

Who is "fit" for the presidency?

I was thinking about this question today. A lot of people have been saying Palin isn't "fit" to run for president because she quit her job as governor. I was was wondering how far they intended Palin to go before she was "fit?"

The Palin family is now facing legal bills that could easily go up to a million dollars. Again, this is a normal middle class family with three children still at home. At what point would her judgment be questioned by not quitting? I wonder, did they think Palin should just fight all these complaints endlessly until they literally bankrupted her family? Would that have made her "fit" or would it call into question her judgment to stop the financial bleeding for her family.

Both options were a lose-lose situation. If she quits now, she's seen as a quitter who abandoned her state. If she waits out the end of her term, she keeps her political aspirations intact but her family is bankrupt and destroyed.

Palin basically said "screw that" and decided to do what was best for her family. She will find a way to make it work for her career, too.

In my opinion, it is asking WAY too much to ask Palin to just allow her family to be destroyed and fight legal battles until her term is up. Not only the financial aspect, but there was also the cost to the AK taxpayers in their money and time. They don't need a governor who has to essentially do two full time jobs and Palin recognized that, too.

Saying she isn't fit for the presidency (as both sides of the aisle have done) is just another way of saying she should sit down, shut up and get out of politics. Those are the people who really didn't like her in the first place and are now just using this as an excuse to cut her down.


Greg said...

Her enemies would much prefer that she remain a sitting duck, chained to her office in Juneau. Palin is way ahead of them, and has now cut herself free. Now she is free to travel, to speak her mind, and focus on building a winning coalition of disalusioned democrats, social, fiscal and security conservatives, and independents.

I have a feeling that the 0bama war room is going to regret that they followed the tactics they did.

Naturally, her resignation confuses and confounds the elites for whom power is everything. They can't figure out why anyone would willingly give up power of any kind unless forced to do so.

Palin unleashed will be a formidable force for real change, taking the power out of the hands of the elite, and giving it back to the people, where it belonds.

Adrienne said...

Thanks Greg! I agree.