Friday, August 7, 2009

Compare and Contrast

I filled up my tank this morning and the regular unleaded was $2.52/gallon. Remember during the Bush administration every day MSM would be crying outrage over high gas prices? Sometimes they would say it was because of the war in Iraq, and some of the more demented ones would say that it was because “Bush has ties to Big Oil.” Where is the fear mongering now? The price is nearly the same as when the moonbats were outraged then. Now we never hear about the price of gas.

Today the unemployment rate went down to 9.4% - where’s the usual outrage from MSM? Again, when the Bush Administration had much lower unemployment numbers, we would hear constant stories about how he was destroying the country. Now? MSM is actually reporting this as good news because it went down .5%, with no negativity toward Obama whatsoever.

When President Bush wanted to wiretap the phone lines of suspected terrorists, the Left and MSM went crazy. They screamed that he was creating a police state, taking away privacy, the list goes on. Now we have a President who is encouraging citizens to report each other to the White House for merely disagreeing with his policies. Even further, the information the White House gets will be kept and not released, effectively creating an enemies list. He’s also calling anyone who protests against his policy "a dangerous mob."

Whenever you hear a story from MSM, take it with a grain of salt.

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