Thursday, August 20, 2009

Those who attack Palin are rewarded

Like Katie Couric before her, Shannyn Moore has won an award for her "work" in attacking Palin. From the ADN's Alaska Ear:

KUDOS . . . Earwigs report blogger Shannyn Moore, a regular on the Huffington and her own blog (, won the top award at the progressive Netroots Nation convention this past week in Pittsburgh -- the Gilliard Grant of Merit for Journalism. Shannyn is from Homer and looks headed for big times Outside.
Don't you just love how they start off saying "kudos" to this piece of trash? The ADN has lost all journalistic integrity.

Also, the ADN thinks they're being cute by referring to Palin as "She who was Governor" in that article and also "the death panel lady." Stay classy, ADN. No wonder that newspaper is going down the toilet financially. No one wants to read this stupid high school-type name calling.

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Northern Exposer said...

Welcome back!

It simply never ends with these people. From their inside awards to pat themselves on the back for being such "objective journalists" to their love of all things fascist (Castro, Chavez) like you said, it's no wonder the readership/ratings of these "institutions' are going bankrupt. Ratings and readership, by the way, that are being made up and lied about to seem competitive to conservative news.