Monday, August 31, 2009

Trying to rain on the parade one year later

I had more visitors to my blog on August 29 than ever before in one day. I also received seven comments on my anniversary post and six of them were negative.

It was a reminder to how the Left was acting that day one year ago. As Texas for Sarah Palin highlighted in the post “August 29th: the Dark Side” the Left was nasty, irate, bitter, aggressive, bullying, attacking, furious, incensed and outright lying about Palin’s past. On a day when conservatives were experiencing an all-time high, liberals tried their best to knock us down and rain on our parade. It seems like they were tasked to do the same one year later, trolling Palin support blogs and websites and making angry comments.

One of the commenters took one of my sentences out of context, this one: “I went to CNN and saw Palin's face. I was SHOCKED!! I had no idea who Palin was, but I was at once extremely excited!” What I meant was that Romney and Pawlenty were considered the frontrunners and I was expecting one of them, so I was shocked that they weren’t there and instead a woman who was never mentioned as a frontrunner – it was an exciting choice! When I looked up her biography, her voting history, political views, I was even happier because of all the reasons I mentioned in my post. If she turned out to be moderate, squishy, left-leaning in her views I wouldn’t have been supportive of her, but she of course is not. This commenter took offense to the fact that I was excited about a woman whom I didn’t previously know, and I’ve heard that criticism a lot from the Left. But the simple fact is that most of us were all pretty depressed about McCain and the VP pick was expected to be someone safe and not rock the boat. Even some conservative bloggers didn’t know Palin was a frontrunner. So by that fact alone, she was exciting and people were excited the minute she was announced.

No one can deny that when Palin was announced it energized the base like never before. This commenter thinks that we should never be excited about anyone if we don’t already know who they are. Well, we were introduced to her, listened to her, loved what she said – what’s so wrong with that? Everyone starts out getting to know someone from the same point. I bet most Obama supporters today were introduced to him from his 2004 DNC keynote address; it was considered to be the groundbreaking speech that elevated his status as a star. Yet according to this commenter, anyone who didn’t previously know him should not have been excited about him. That makes no sense.

I’ve heard many times from the Left that McCain picked a woman just to appeal to female voters. That is so stupid it’s almost comical. Palin appeals to EVERYONE, men and women. It has to do with her political views, her values, and her ideas on limited government. The Left just doesn’t understand that. What they don’t understand they try to destroy, but they won’t break our support for Palin.

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