Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, really?


This just affirms that the Left has infested and ruined this award, as they do with all awards, and it is now given to anyone who can be a mouthpiece to spread Leftist ideology to the masses. The award was tainted when they gave it to Jimmy Carter and then Al Gore - now it is thoroughly diseased. Giving this award to Obama means that the Nobel Peace Prize has become a joke, it means nothing and is a complete farse.

Obama has been President for a mere eight months. He has accomplished nothing of significance whatsoever in his presidency or prior to that. And he certainly has not given hope for a more peaceful world, coming off the heels of abandonning the missile defense shield. The only thing he has accomplished is being elected as President.

Contrast Obama's non-accomplishments with President Bush. He really did give peace to people around the world, by nationbuilding in Iraq and restoring democracy there. He protected Americans from another attack. Obama has done nothing even close to that, and has in fact made it easier for more attacks to happen - not just here but around the world, especially Israel.

Let's face it. This award is just like the Oscar, Pulitzer, Tony, etc. and any other possible award there is. It starts off being a legitmate award until the Left gets their hands on it. Then they completely destroy any authority the award has in its respective field by giving it to non-deserving Lefties who do nothing except actively spread Leftist ideology. This is pathetic.

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