Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pawlenty hires McCain staffers

Lifted from Ace, again. He reports that Tim Pawlenty has hired Randy Scheunemann and other 2008 McCain campaign advisors to advise him. Even though Scheunemann was one of the "good ones" and a Palin defender then and now, this is a good move and Palin needs to move on with advisors she selects on her own. I'm of the mind that the entire McCain advisory staff is not fit to do any advising. The 2008 campaign and election was a disaster. Us regular citizens could have run a better campaign.

Palin got where she is today by being a beltway outsider and I think she needs advisors that are out of the beltway, too.

Pawlenty Hires Ex-McCain Staffers
Noted in this post over at Hot Air written by "Eeyore-pundit" himself (I keed, I keed; all the AP critics should read it anyway because he's got a good point).

Quick summary: Pawlenty is hiring two former McCain staffers, including Randy Scheunemann, who was Sarah's more aggressive defender among the insiders from Team McCain. Does this mean that Scheunemann has soured on Sarah and is looking for greener pastures? Does it mean that she's unlikely to run in 2012?

My thoughts? It's too damn early to tell. Maybe RS has had a change of heart and now loves him some Minnesota Nice. Maybe he's just looking for a paycheck and Pawlenty is willing to hire him 3 years out while Palin wants to wait a while to assemble her team. Maybe.....she's just not that into him?

One question that I have to ask: Is it really VITAL for Sarah to hire former McCain staffers for a potential 2012 presidential run? Its not like that team really covered itself in glory the last time they were on the field, now is it?


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Steve J. Nelson said...

Not to mention the fact that Scheunemann was a paid lobbyist for a foreign power (Georgia) that tried to drag us into their war with Russia. Not smart, especially when Russia is one of our biggest creditors (I know, I know, it pains every good child of the Cold War to hear that).