Thursday, November 12, 2009

The corrupt media is losing credibility with each passing day

This is the lede for a Boston Globe story about Palin's book tour and Going Rogue:

Sarah Palin was ridiculed as the Republican vice presidential nominee, pilloried after she quit in the middle of her term as Alaska governor, and has been tabloid fodder because of her daughter, a single teenage mom, and her former beau.
I smell desperation. I smell fear. They are clearly trying to cram every perceived negative about Palin into every single story about her. In this one they put it in the lede, so anyone reading the headlines for the day would see it even if they didn't click on the actual story. What desperation. They don't realize that they're just beating the same drum and no one is listening anymore. They're trying to create this false persona for her as the idiot, bimbo, low class failed governor but it's clear that no one is buying it. They repeat the lies so much that now everyone just rolls their eyes and moves on. They don't realize that Palin supporters are actually laughing at their desperation.

The Left and the corrupt media are literally foaming at the mouth about Palin's popularity. Palin supporters are eating up everything Palin; we can't get enough of her - any interview, facebook posting, tweet, anything - we are following, reading and watching with interest. The corrupt media has no sway whatsoever.

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