Thursday, November 5, 2009

New liberal talking point: Republicans are in a "civil war"

This talking point is everywhere. The Nov 3rd elections weren't a demonstration of Americans being fed up with the ultra left - no way - despite the fact that it was a 12-14 point swing to Republicans. The real thing we can all take home from the election results is that because Palin endorsed Hoffman the conservative over Dede Scozz the "Republican," Republicans are in a CIVIL WAR.

The specific words "civil war" have been used in every article, headline and interview. This must be what they were told to say to spin the results in their favor, despite the fact that it was a disaster of epic proportions for them and Obama's endorsements.

The fact that they're focusing on what Palin did just shows how incredibly nervous they are about her influence. They're trying to deflect away from how dangerously close they are to a 2010 catastrophe and The Won not getting re-elected in 2012.

Actually it seems to me that Democrats are in a "civil war" with their factions of ultra left, moderate left, and their threatening to purge anyone who doesn't vote for Obamacare. So yeah, if anyone is in a civil war it's them - but of course they deflect. Typical.

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Northern Exposer said...

Very typical. You must be running out of nails, why with you driving them through the wood so much.