Thursday, November 19, 2009

Palin on Hannity

Here is some of Sarah's interview with Hannity last night. It was phenomenal. I wish I could link the whole thing. This woman is an inspiration.

Can you name one person in the Republican party who will say what she's saying here? Can you name one person who will stand up for what's right and unequivocally say what she/he believes without apology or without being phony about it? For everyone saying Mitt Romney is the "real candidate" do you think he would do an interview like this? She is the one true conservative voice out there and the American people aren't going to let her go no matter what the corrupt media and elite RINOs say.

Palin answered every question being very informed, no "uhhhh," no teleprompter, no prefacing every sentence with "look," or "let me be clear." She answered each question strong in her convictions and confident. She is an American Patriot. What a change from who we have in the White House today.

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