Monday, November 16, 2009

Palin on Oprah, my thoughts

I thought it was a great interview. I've watched Oprah many, many times and I know how she interviews her guests. I thought that Oprah was respectful, professional and didn't ask any "gotcha" questions a la "The Perky One" (I just love that nickname that Palin gave Katie Couric by the way).

I've seen Oprah more relaxed and casual in other interviews. She wasn't this time but I don't think it was due to any dislike of Palin, quite the contrary. I think Oprah was a little intimidated by Palin's amazing presence in the room, her confidence, her intellect, her family, her accomplishments and her life in general. Oprah was the one who didn't want to get flustered, I thought. In other words, I don't think Oprah was motivated by any political agenda at all. That's my opinion.

Palin on running in 2012: She said that it's not on her radar. Not ruling it out, but not discussing it now. I expected that. She said she's focused on 2010.

Palin on Levi: She was a lot more friendly than I would have been that's for sure! She was so welcoming, warm and polite toward him and I thought she had the perfect response to those questions. The Palin family is offering Levi love, acceptance and a chance to be a father to his beautiful boy and he's not accepting and is instead going down a dangerous "unhealthy" path. She dismissed his silly smear campaign lies and wouldn't give him a smidge of legitimacy, which I thought was perfect. She also gave him an "out" which was she said that his handlers were the ones guiding him down this bad path and he shouldn't listen to them. I think he's scumbag on his own without his handlers but that's my opinion.

Palin on the Couric interview: She said it wasn't a seminal point in the campaign. Couric was pushing a partisan agenda and purposely asked gotcha questions. She called Couric "The Perky One" which was hilarious! She dismissed Couric a journalist, basically saying that she wasn't fair or professional. I am so glad she said that out in the open. I can't wait to read this portion of the book. I think Couric will have to take a few "mental health" days to deal with this smackdown.

There was a lot more and overall I thought it was great! I can't wait to see the rest of the interviews this week. I'm going to buy a copy of Going Rogue tomorrow at the bookstore where she's going to have her book signing in December (yipee!!) but I also have it on preorder from Walmart. Tomorrow is going to be a great day!

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cooperscopy said...

She knocked the Oprah interview out of the ball park...