Monday, November 30, 2009

Palin the opposite of Huckabee when it comes to clemency

h/t Be John Galt

Palin did not abuse her executive power in Alaska and was horrified at her predecessor's pardons, and other corrupt policies. She signed legislation that limited the governor's power to grant clemency and pardons soon after she was elected.

In his final day as governor of Alaska, Frank Murkowski issued a very controversial pardon to a Bellingham, Wash.-based engineering company for a 1999 criminally negligent homicide conviction. Appalled by this, newly-elected Governor Sarah Palin pushed for a new state law that limited the Alaskan governor’s power to grant clemency. This law was unanimously passed by the state legislature.

Compassionate conservatives and commonsense conservatives. There is a HUGE difference.
In the quoted 2007 KTUU article from Be John Galt it says this about the "cleanup" Palin had to do after Murkowski:

While legislators will not specifically acknowledge that they are cleaning up after Murkowski, there is a sense that the former governor's legacy is being rolled back. Palin has reversed his appointments, canceled his contracts and is currently selling his jet.
Palin immediately got to work cleaning up after a terrible governor did a disservice to Alaska. Huckabee did that kind of damage to his state; Palin cleaned hers up so tragic events like yesterday's shooting would not happen.

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