Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Plano, Texas tour stop details

ETA: I wanted to add that Legacy Books is a shopping center right off the Tollway called The Shops at Legacy. This is a very crowded "town square" type shopping center and there is very limited parking! There's a parking garage next to the bookstore and several garages across the street. However, they fill up very fast on a daily basis. So on December 4, of course they will be completely filled up by 6am. I suggest carpooling if you can! You will want to avoid crossing Legacy Drive by foot as it is very busy, especially in the morning during rush hour. Please be careful! If you're planning on attending and have questions please don't hesitate to ask me anything because I live and work very close to this shopping center.

As of yesterday Legacy Books did not have any information on their website about Palin's book signing on December 4. They have since updated their front page with details on the book signing. I had emailed them a week ago asking for details and just received a generic "we're still figuring out the details." They seem to be a bit overwhelmed with the frenzy surrounding Palin's tour.

I went to the Legacy Books store today and discussed the signing with the employees. Here are some details I received from them that are not on the website.

***Customers will buy a ticket to stand in line. There are a limited number of tickets available. They didn't say how many there were, only "a limited amount."

***There will NOT be wristbands at this signing. It is a first-come first serve line and the line cannot start forming any earlier than 6:00am.

***When you purchase a ticket, you will not receive a book right then. You will receive the book as soon as you get to the front of the line and Palin signs it. This of course means that you cannot read your book until December 4, so don't expect to walk out with a book when you buy the ticket prior to December 4.

***On the day of the signing, if the line is too long for you to make it in time for Palin to sign the book, you can exchange your ticket for an un-signed book right then. If want a refund they could also do that for you.

***There is no publicity for this event. There are no signs, no stacks of books, no giant pictures of Palin - the reason is that word is traveling so fast and already thousands of people are expected. They don't need publicity at all for this event. They're already worried some people will not be fit in to the signing.

When I was there this afternoon, there were 3 customers ahead of me who purchased tickets to the book signing. This is Palin's only stop in North Texas and they are estimating thousands will attend. Please buy your ticket as soon as possible! I have a feeling they will run out of tickets very, very soon.

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