Monday, November 23, 2009

Tickets for 12/4 Plano, TX book signing are sold out

As I mentioned previously, the bookstore where Palin is going to hold her 12/4 signing opted not to have wristbands and instead sold a limited amount of tickets. The tickets are now sold out. If you were planning to arrive on that day and purchase a ticket, unfortunately you will not be able to.

Please see the press release at the Legacy Books website.

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Conservative Momma said...

I was very disappointed to find out about the tickets. I planned on making the 4 hour drive to Dallas to stand in line overnight, like most who are planning to go to her events. And then I decided to go to see if there was a website for the store they were doing the signing at and found out about the ticket sales. Imagine my sadness when I found out that they were already sold out and this was only around 2 in the afternoon on the 2nd day that they had them for sale. I don't think it was very fair to do that. Now people are hocking the tickets on craigslist and trying to profit off of people wanting to see someone they really admire. You can't really knock them, but I think it was the store who made a poor choice.

I'm still trying to find alternative ways to get to a book signing and hope that no one shows up thinking they are able to camp out in line only to find out in the morning that they had to have already purchased a ticket. The "rules" should have been more highly publicized as people come from far away for these events, not just locals who read the local papers.