Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Sarah Palin's Governing Philosophy Emerges in Going Rogue" -Riehl World View

Great article at Riehl World View posted November 30 regarding Palin's immunity to insider politics and her passion for fighting corruption in government, as shown in Going Rogue. Here's an excerpt but you should read the whole thing:
Palin is said to have resisted the type of influence peddling to which many politicians succumb, even when it meant going against her early political mentors. While the governing mentality first demonstrated itself in Wasilla, it's claimed it stayed with her right to the Governor's office in Juneau.

In one of the first tests of her independence, Palin opposed a proposal touted by Carney, her political patron, to force residents to pay for neighborhood trash pickup rather than hauling their garbage to the dump themselves, as most did, and as Palin says she still does. Why was this so important to Carney? Because he owned the local garbage truck company.

The portrait of Palin that emerges [from Going Rogue] is not someone who is anti-government, but someone who is focused on making government provide critical services and programs, while trimming out the fat.

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