Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm back!

Sorry for the delay, folks! Thanks for your patience. I hope you had a wonderful and safe holiday season!

So many great things have already happened this year that I missed! Also, Palin popularity has been booming and she's doing so much to help the conservative movement to "take back our country" as she says. Here's just a tiny roundup of what's going on with her:

She became a contributer on Fox News

She will keynote at the Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Feb 4-6. Unfortunately, it looks like her appearance is controversial within conservative circles due to the way the Tea Party organization is run. Admittedly, I'm not aware of this controversy so I will research it.

She will speak at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, April 8-11

There are many more media appearances and speeches in the near future that I will try to pin down. But in the meantime, you can see her on Fox regularly. Ready to go digging for more news and offer opinions! I'm glad to be back!


Northern Exposer said...

Glad your back! Now pick up a rifle and back to your "post," soldier.

I can't fend off all these moonbats all by myself y'know. Actually, yes I can, but great to have you back.

Adrienne said...

LOL! :) Thank you! Glad to be back.