Saturday, May 1, 2010

Illegal immigration and oil spill crossover

Since the massive Gulf oil spill many politicians are trying to stop all offshore drilling. Most Leftists are opposed to local drilling anyway, and this seemed like the "perfect opportunity" for them to propose stopping it altogether. Never let a crisis go to waste, as Rahm would say. I've read on conservative blogs and news outlets that the Left wants an "all or nothing" solution to their problems but I don't necessarily agree.

The Left wants to be perceived as the empathetic party, and the one that cares about emotions and feelings. For instance, they'll show a picture of a bird covered in oil while proposing to cut off all offshore drilling. But they won't discuss local businesses that will suffer if we stop offshore drilling. They won't show how the economy will suffer, or how taxes will go up for everyone because we'll have to keep buying foreign oil. Or the massive job losses that will occur for everyone associated with drilling. They won't discuss how Louisiana and the other drilling states will be devastated if we stopped offshore drilling. They won't discuss solutions to prevent future spills and make the system better. No, they won't discuss any of that but they'll show a picture of a bird covered in oil.

That's a huge pet peeve of mine, too. They won't even discuss any other possible solution except the one they want to push. They won't even mention any consequences to their proposed actions. It's like they live in a vacuum and they think everyone else is so dumb that we'll fall for a picture of a bird covered in oil and go along with their proposals without question.

The crossover point I wanted to make is the issue of illegal immigration. This is another issue where the Left reveals itself as not willing listen to any other viewpoint except their own and NOT the party of feelings, empathy and emotions. I live in North Texas and this is obviously a hot topic. There have been many crimes in my area committed by illegal immigrants, including DUIs that killed innocent people and police officers falling in the line of duty. If the Left cared about emotions they would highlight these tragic deaths that wouldn't have happened if the illegal immigrant didn't live here. If the Left wanted an "all or nothing" solution they would have a knee-jerk reaction to deport illegal immigrants instead of their knee-jerk reaction of amnesty. So they're sympathetic, but only to the people and viewpoints they want to be sympathetic to. In this case, they could give a darn about the victims of these crimes but are very sympathetic to the illegals who commit the crime. And their "all or nothing" solution is the one that just so happens to coincide with their agenda.

The bottom line is the Left will use whatever tactics necessary to push their socialist agenda and they hope you're dumb enough to fall for it. They are gutless and certainly not the party of feelings and empathy.

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Northern Exposer said...

Awesome Adrienne! Nail meet head. Remember, feelings over facts.