Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Good, but not good enough in my opinion

I'm very happy we took the House last night and we sent a strong message overall that we are serious about how much we dislike this Democratic-controlled government. I think Florida had the best results - Marco Rubio won by a landslide, Alan Grayson was thrown out on his rear end, Rick Scott is leading in the Gubernatorial election and Allen West won. I only wish Delaware, Nevada, California and Alaska had followed suit.

For those saying that the Tea Party candidates Christine O'Donnell, Sharron Angle and Joe Miller were weak, not good enough, not vetted, etc. - I have a bone to pick with you. If those three had won we would have take the Senate, correct? Harry Reid is pretty much the Devil Himself so I don't care who flippin' runs against him; I want him out. No one could be worse. People seem to forget that a Senator is not the President. They don't have to conduct Middle East Peace Talks or Push the Button. They don't host state dinners for foreign leaders and are not the face of our country. What they do is write legislation and vote on it. Voting is the only thing that matters. I don't care if they're not the most professional or the best looking; I care about how they're going to vote. I personally didn't like Sharron Angle's speech patterns and mannerisms but I sure would have liked the way she voted. I wouldn't want her to be the President but she wouldn't have the same responsibilities where that kind of thing matters now would she? See what I mean? So instead of having the Senate majority and three more good Senators who will VOTE the way we want them to, we're still stuck with Healthcare Harry and Lisa Murcookoo.

I really hope the RINO elitist establishment doesn't take those losses as a sign that the Tea Party is fringe and not able to produce winners. Linda McMahon and Carly Fiorina were the "electable" and "center-right" candidates that the pragmatic elites supported and they lost as well. I think in the states where we had unfortunate losses we have to blame the voters in those states, if we have to blame someone. Either they haven't seen the light yet, or they've decided to put their heads in the sand.

Overall it was a good night but I'm a little disappointed. I think it'll take a few days for it to sink in and I'll feel better and realize how good these results really are.

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