Friday, November 5, 2010

Nancy Pelosi could be single-handedly responsible for her party's losses, yet Sarah Palin is the political idiot?

Since the election results came in the corrupt media have been trying to create a story that Palin's endorsements have not been as successful as predicted. For instance there was this story on Yahoo's front page this morning: "Despite mixed record, Palin talks up her 2010 impact." I read it and kept waiting for the bad news that was going to tell me Palin was a bad "picker," that she's not politically savvy, that she's an idiot, and...nothing. There was no there, there. The author literally made a story out of nothing.

I thought about Nancy Pelosi. She was the one who encouraged Congress to vote for Obamacare. All those Congressmen and women went home that summer and faced mobs of angry constituents telling them straight out that they hated the bill. Pelosi said that "they would have to pass the bill to find out what's in it." Pelosi committed career suicide for herself and for every Democrat voted out of office this year. She is the one who lost the House for the Democrats, literally. They all listened to her, were threatened by her somehow to vote against their constituency. They ended up going right off the cliff. Where is the corrupt media talking about how stupid Pelosi is for doing that? Why aren't they talking about how un-savvy she is, and how she's the worst Speaker of the House of all time? Why aren't they talking about how she wastes taxpayer money on her extravagent private plane the way they bagged on Palin for her RNC clothes (that were not taxpayer funded)? And so many other things.

It looks to me like Pelosi is the idiot here. She's the biggest loser from this election and I can't wait until she comes up for reelection and gets her you-know-what handed to her. Palin is the most politically-savvy person this country has seen in a LONG time. No one can pick candidates like her, connect with the American public like her, speak like her, be as engaging as her - the list goes on. The corrupt media continues to grasp at straws trying to discredit her. It'll never happen.


Northern Exposer said...

Welcome back Adrienne!! I've missed your opinions. I didn't realize you were back before Halloween.

Great posts. You haven't lost your touch ;)

You can't be surprised that Pelosi was made to look victorious? No matter what she was going to be portrayed as the winner. Either as the legitimate winner voted in by the people, or the valiant do-gooder who was simply misunderstood and ousted out of office by anger and somehow racism. You know the media will NEVER let go of the narrative of her being unintelligent, she just has to call them on it. Preferably on the spot. Didn't you just love the "corrupt bastards" comment, though?

And that was a freaking awesome video. But I think Sarah should hold off on running until 2016 or 2020 (hopefully 2020 due to a two-term Republican in 2012) I think she should get more Washington experience, build more alliances and keep debunking the lies of the media about her. You'll be amazed how battle-hardened she'll be in four to eight years. Remember, she's still young. You think she's tough now? Just wait.
I think she can do the job (who could do worse than you-know -who?)I just think she needs more seasoning.

And what were they thinking re-electing Barney Frank? (not to mention Reid and Boxer) I guess liberals REALLY believe these people had NOTHING to do with the economic breakdown.
Oh right, they were only the law-makers since 2006.

Adrienne said...

Hi - good to see you back, too! I decided to start posting again but I didn't tell anyone because I didn't know if I could keep it up regularly while still taking care of the baby. But it looks like I can. I've definitely missed it!

You're so right about the media's portrayal of Pelosi. They act like she's always right and if she makes mistakes (such as the HC bill) then it's the general public's fault for being too stupid to understand her genius. And we don't know what's good for us.

I know what you mean about Sarah holding off running for a while. I can see how that would make her a stronger candidate. But as you know I'll support her whatever she decides in that regard, even if it's not running. I don't think she'll have any problems raising money if she doesn't get elected in 2012 and then decides to run again in 2016 or 2020. Pretty soon we'll see what she (and all the other candidates) decides! It's a very exciting time!