Wednesday, December 8, 2010

John Bolton for Palin's VP pick

I read in National Review Online that John Bolton is considering a run for POTUS in 2012. Besides Palin, he's one I would love to see run and would vote for him in a heartbeat. His passion and his strength is (obviously) foreign policy.

I've long thought that Bolton should be Palin's VP pick if she decides to run. I've also thought that one of her perceived shortcomings is her lack of foreign policy experience. Picking Bolton would immensely help her national electability in that regard.

In my opinion, Palin needs to overcome two major hurdles in order to be elected: her "quitting" the governorship; and her perceived lack of foreign policy experience. With this blog I've tried to address both points extensively and will continue to do so.

With his record and experience, Bolton pretty much resolves her foreign policy "shortcoming." In the NR piece, he says China will be a major factor:

This administration, and the Bush administration in its later years, badly handled China — handled it badly on North Korea’s nuclear program and its trade manipulation, including its ongoing discrimination against foreign business and investors. Both administrations have been too deferential to China in dealings across the full spectrum of issues.

On Palin being a potential nominee:

I don’t know enough about her views on foreign policy to comment, but the Republican field is filled with people who would be better than Obama on foreign policy.

I'll take it a step further and say that his statement reads to me that he is angling for a VP pick from the GOP nominee. He praises all potential candidates saying that any of them would be better than Obama. He is non-committal on Palin and says he doesn't know her views on foreign policy, yet you know damn well he knows. He doesn't want to fully support Palin and alienate the GOP nominee if it's not her. He's playing it cool for now and testing the waters, which is fine. He didn't come out and denounce her immediately like most insecure candidates have. I'd venture a guess that he's pretty in line with Palin as far as foreign policy views.

I believe he knows his POTUS campaign would not be very successful considering how popular some of the frontrunners are and how "niche" he is. Pretty much only political junkies have a thorough knowledge of him and his background. He probably would not be able to raise enough money or popularity to be the nominee, but he's laying the groundwork to be picked as the VP.

I've read his biography and will quote it here from time to time. It's compelling and he's an amazing person. He's not as charismatic as Palin (who is), but it's abundantly clear that he's passionate about protecting our country, protecting our troops and keeping America safe. He knows how to play the inside political game, and he knows how to negotiate with foreign diplomats. In short: he's the total foreign policy package.

He did get this zinger about Obama into the NR piece:

After four years of practicing, he’ll almost look like a commander-in-chief.

Haha. Good one. Maybe he is as charismatic as Palin after all.

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kiwi said...

Interesting, Bolton is a chickenhawk who dodged Vietnam expecting we Aussies to do his duty.
Why are conservatives do keen on chickenhawks in the USA ?