Saturday, December 11, 2010

Slow Saturday OT thought

When I was in the 2nd grade the elementary school I attended held a carnival to raise funds. The "painting" I did for art class was auctioned off (are you surprised that my parents had the highest bid?). My brother and I were having so much fun going through all the carnival events and playing the games.

One of the events was a cake walk. I didn't know what that was. My dad explained it to me. There are numbers placed on a circle on the ground and everyone stands on one. While the music is playing everyone walks around the circle until the music stops. Someone draws a number and if it's the one you're standing on, you get to pick a cake.

I played. Sure enough, I won. I looked in wonder at the table of cakes. I asked my dad if I could choose a chocolate one. He said I could choose whichever one I wanted. I chose a single-layer chocolate cake that had sprinkles. It's one of the fondest childhood memories I have.

To think if Michelle Obama had her way back in those days I would have never experienced that memory. She's trying to end bake sales in schools. How stupid.

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