Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It looks like Hillary will run in 2012

Bill Richardson, former Governor of New Mexico, is a friend of the Clintons. Recently Richardson went on a  "diplomatic" trip to North Korea. Why? As then-Governor of New Mexico, he didn't really have much input in our relations with North Korea. I realize he was a former foreign diplomat, but there are tons of former foreign diplomats and they're not traveling to North Korea. He had to obtain permission from the White House and State Department in order to travel.

I put two and two together. This trip came at the very end of Richardson's term, so he wasn't just a private citizen going to North Korea; it provided him the opportunity to form official "diplomatic" relations. It will enhance Richardson's foreign policy cred even moreso. The State Department (i.e. Hillary) would not have ok'd this trip if he was going to run for POTUS on his own. She's building her brigade. If she runs, she could very well win the Democratic nomination. She could pick Richardson as her VP and use this trip as a promotion tool for him.

Given how volatile our relationship is with North Korea, can you imagine the State Department giving the governor of Nebraska, Idaho, Vermont, or any other state the ok to take a diplomatic trip there? No. Why would they even need to? Why would Richardson even need to unless he is planning on being appointed to a cabinet position again? So, that leads me to believe that the only reason Richardson went is because he's a friend of the Clintons. He's been a player inside the Beltway for over 20 years. This was a political favor for someone, probably several people: Richardson to Hillary, Obama to Hillary, and possibly a few more. It was a blip on the news cycle but I believe this trip is a big indicator that Hillary has decided to run.


Northern Exposer said...

I think any Republican focusing on jobs, the economy, border patrol and terrorism (and not just empty Democrat promises) would shellack her. America has already tasted Marxism and they have refused it. Twice.

Adrienne said...

I completely agree with you. Wholeheartedly. There is absolutely no way she we be able to win against ANY Republican running on those agenda items you mentioned, whoever it may be. The 2010 midterms showed us that.

And there's no way Hillary could even attempt to portray herself as anything other than the ultra-lib, far left politician we all know her to be. Not to mention her dismal record as SoS.

Northern Exposer said...

Here, here. And you mentioned Richardson's little jaunt over to N. Korea for what purpose? Did he have permission of the White House? Did Hillary or Obama send him there? Your theory is sound. However, if he didn't obtain permissin, wouldn't he in violation of the Logan Act? Much like Pelosi was (I believe)in 2006, I believe it was.

Adrienne said...

He had permission from both the White House and State Dept. But he actually has been trying to go for two years, the article said, before the White House gave him permission this last time. Methinks Obama owed Hillary something or else he would have continued to deny Richardson's request.