Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Conservative" Tucker Carlson tries to destroy Sarah Palin...again

There are a lot of Republicans and right-leaning independents who don't necessarily like Sarah Palin, but they don't hate her, either. That is understood and known, and what Palin supporters like myself run into on a daily basis with friends and family members. And there are a handful of conservative bloggers who don't really like her, either. There is only one, however, that would actively try to take her out in brazen attacks like the Left does, and that is the Daily Caller.

The Daily Caller was co-founded by Tucker Carlson, who seems to present himself as a conservative, and sometimes even a little libertarian. I watched him a few years ago on a Fox News special exposing the public school curriculum and loved it. When he started The Daily Caller I fully supported and visited it often. The Daily Caller was the only news outlet that got a hold of and published JournoList postings, exposing many of the corrupt media of their shameful coordinated news agendas.

I was seriously confused then, in March of this year when the DC published a hit piece on Palin. Even worse, they interviewed her under the guise of being a conservative ally and used her quotes against her. Their baseless attack was incorrect and pure spin, and Palin had to publish a correction on SarahPAC.

And they just did it again by publishing a trusted Palin aide's personal twitter postings with the tabloid headline "'Big Boss' is Gonna be Angry." That's just juvenile right there. That's worse than a middle school student newspaper. That's just unbelievable. What the hell are they doing? I would expect to see a headline like that on DailyKos or Huffington Post, but the Daily Caller? I just don't understand it. All I can think is that they're trying to get hits, or they just really hate her and don't want her to run. The right-leaning folks who don't like Palin use actual arguments and constructive criticism to prove their points. They don't write hit pieces and "scandals" because it takes away the legitimacy of their arguments. So this is just stupid.

The "scandal" is hardly that. The trusted aide is Rebecca Mansour, who is famously one of Palin's staunchest supporters from day one. She co-founded the website Conservatives4Palin and went on to become one of Palin's spokespersons. What an unbelievable honor. Her opinion on Bristol possibly hurting Sarah's career aren't exactly hidden, either. I remember her postings very well on the subject back at C4P. She received some push back for what she wrote back then, from commenters and co-bloggers at the site. But she stood by her words. And to be honest, she was telling a truth and sometimes the truth is unfair and hurts. I don't read C4P everyday, but I'm sure her opinion has evolved (just like everyone's) now that we see how Bristol is perceived in the public eye. We ALL move on from our past - Sarah, Bristol, Mansour, me, you, everyone. Bristol's made a great life herself just by being HER. And she's managed to live her own life with a separate identity from her mom, while they both love and support each other. It's a beautiful thing. So it's not fair to bring back something that Mansour wrote back in 2009 when everything has changed.

The only people who look bad out of this is the DC. They have shamed themselves for the last time as conservatives and respectable bloggers write them off for good. They are nothing but a trashy, classless, tabloid middle school expose' machine. They are nothing. And we should all take them off our reading lists, and Carlson should lose his respected positions everywhere for being a part of this trash.

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