Tuesday, July 12, 2011

From C4P - Palin is the only person who vetoed energy portion of Obama's stimulus

I read this on Conservatives4Palin. If Rick Perry decides not to run, then:

Governor Palin will be the only one in the field who can say that she vetoed some of Obama’s stimulus package. In the unlikely event that Rick Perry enters the contest, Governor Palin will still be the only person on stage who can say that she vetoed the energy portion of Obama’s stimulus package. She didn’t just oppose Obama’s stimulus package through her words, nor did she just cast the same vote that every other moderate or conservative Republican member of Congress cast. She is the only person in America who can say that she vetoed the energy portion of Obama’s stimulus package. She doesn’t talk about this very much and the “conservative” media won’t bring this up because it’ll help her. Let’s make sure we remind GOP and GOP-leaning indies who really opposed Obama’s stimulus package and who was the only one to back up his or her opposition with deeds and not just words.

This is a fact that needs to be immediately known by anyone thinking about voting. That's why I linked it from C4P. I remembered it when I read there, but it wasn't a fact that was at the top of my brain. This is an important policy decision by Palin that appeals to everyone in this country. I need to spread the word.

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Northern Exposer said...

And yet nobody either will mention this and give her her just dues or of course they completely lie about it. Not much different I suppose from the left still trying to portray her as a unpopular govenor when she had an 80% approval rating and did more than her fair share of battling corruption; especially from her own party.

But of course, don't expect that type of honesty and integrity from today's media.