Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fear drives attacks on Palin

It's been reported that some "anonymous" aides in the McCain campaign have smeared Palin today. There are videos, but I choose not to watch them because I'm tired of the needless attacking of this woman. She doesn't deserve this. She worked her tail off for this campaign. And for the very people who claimed to be on her side- that they turned on her at this hour is revolting and says much about their character.

Michelle Malkin has the story here:

Ace of Spades has it here:

Once again, I would guess that fear is their motivating factor. She is everything they aren't - classy, intelligent, loyal, optimistic, hard working, etc. The list goes on. They already perceive her as a threat to take the nomination in 2012. Just like the Left, they will attack her because they're afraid of her.

Sarah Palin, you don't deserve to be attacked like this, again, especially by your own party. Please know that there are many, many, people who support you and want you to continue to be a leader in the Republican party. Thank you for your all your hard work on this campaign.

Forget the losers who did this. They are pitiful, soul-less people with empty lives.

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